If you’re looking to add a large bookshelf to your living room, you’ll need to determine the height of the bookshelf’s ceiling. To get an idea of the height, measure the height of your ceiling, and add 1 in to the length. If the height of your ceiling is low, you can simply add a second row of bookshelves. If your ceiling is high, you can increase the height by adding another set of shelves.

To avoid creating an overly cluttered look, arrange the bookshelves by color. A rainbow bookshelf will look great if you group them in groups of similar colors. Similarly, a group of warm-toned books will look great with black, white, or gray books. The color scheme can help you find a book with ease. In addition, large bookshelves will give you ample space to add decor items.

There are many different ways to style large bookshelves. Some large bookcases feature palm-sized items. Others feature large items that take advantage of the space. Depending on the type of bookshelf, you can even use nooks to display different items. You can divide large bookcases into multiple nooks, each featuring different objects. You’ll find a way to incorporate large and small objects in your decor with ease.

The height of your bookshelf depends on its height and width. It’s advisable to set your shelves at a height below the eye level to maximize the space and avoid a cluttered look. A few extra shelves on the walls can mimic a home library. If you have a limited space, you can consider several shelves in close proximity. This way, you’ll have more room for other items. You can also create a home library-inspired atmosphere.

If you’re trying to create an eclectic look, choose co-ordinating colors, whether bold, muted, or understated. If you’re planning on buying a large bookshelf, remember to take the room’s color scheme into consideration. You can make the shelves complement your overall room and still look elegant. Just remember not to make them look too cluttered, or they’ll be a distraction. So, take your time and enjoy the beauty of large bookshelves!

Modern bookshelves are decorative pieces that can match any style. You can put a modern, wooden bookcase next to your living room mantle and coordinate with nearby wood furniture. You can also place a black bookcase with doors in the dining room and use it as a showcase for your favorite china or wine glasses. For a seamless look, match the wood finish of your large bookshelves and furniture to the rest of your house.